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La sonata del silencio


9 episodes of 70 min.

Thriller / Romance


Production Company:
A RTVE production in collaboration with José Frade P.C.


Based on the novel by Paloma Sánchez-Garnica, La Sonata del Silencio is a sentimental thriller set in the society of the late 40s, seen through the eyes of Marta Ribas, willing to free herself from the yoke of machismo to which she is subjected and, determined to, take control of her life at all costs.

She tells us a fundamental part of our history, of winners and failures, of winners and losers. A story in which past and present are continuously intertwined, covering the characters with hatred, revenge, jealousy, passion and longed-for dreams.

La sonata del silencio seeks to catch the viewer by telling how was that Spain of double standards, in which depending on the classes, errors, sins and even crimes are forgotten, they are erased at a stroke if you have the necessary contacts.

These are the times of consensual, accepted and normal abuse. Times when the Church totally governed the lives of citizens, obliged, especially women, to decency, chastity, good example… It is the portrait of some years that may seem distant because of how different life is now, but that are really very close in time.

La Sonata del silencio is above all a love story; of forbidden loves, of secret loves, of impossible loves…

The meeting point between the characters is located in Madrid’s Plaza del Ángel. An ordinary building where wealth and poverty, triumph and failure, are only separated by a partition.
It is in this context where each of the characters represents the different ways that the population had to move through this tremendous time in which, some had to do everything to alleviate their needs, while others took advantage of these needs. Even moving outside the law.

A building with two opposing families, for whom the war was a parenthesis. The Figueroas, who have everything, and the Montejanos, who had everything and are now trying to survive.

Both families expose their own misfortunes and joys before the eyes and judgment of the rest of the neighbors, being the property a silent witness of how their day to day is, their history, their past and the relationships between them.

Iñaki Peñafiel, Peris Romano

Marta Etura, Daniel Grao, Eduardo Noriega, Lucía Jiménez, Claudia Traisac, Clara de Ramón, Fran Perea, Joel Bosqued…

Rodolf Sirera, Peris Romano, Anais Chaaf, Javier Olivares, Sergio Barrejón


Feroz Awards 2016: Nominated for Best Leading Actress (Marta Etura).

MIM 2017 Award, best European miniseries.

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