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Film producer and distributor since 1971

Our company has a long and solid history as a producer and distributor of audiovisual content in Spain. Located in Madrid and since our beginnings in 1971, we have been involved in film projects and television series that have left their mark on the industry.

With an extensive catalog of more than 500 titles, both international and Spanish cinema between production and distribution, such as “La Muerte tenia un precio” “El Cid”, “El Padre Manolo” or “La Residencia”.
Clint Eastwood, Charlton Heston, Sofía Loren, Tobey Maguire, Sharon Stone, Natalie Portman, Gerard Depardieu, are just some of the international stars in our catalogue, as well as references from Spanish cinema such as José Luis López Vázquez, Lina Morgan, José Sacristán and many others.


Jose Frade (Madrid, 1938) has a large professional career of more than 50 years. He began his activity as a businessman of theatrical companies, his first productions IRMA LA DULCE and TÍA MAMEN became great successes throughout Spain.

He then began his career as a film producer in spaghetti western and war films in co-production with companies from France, Germany, Italy with European and American stars such as Jack Palance, George Peppard, Bud Spencer, James Coburn, Ernest Borgnine, Franco Nero among others.

In the 1970s, he gave a new approach to the comedy of manners in Spanish cinema and achieved great success with NO DESEARÁS AL VECINO DEL QUINTO (1970), which was the Spanish film with the most spectators in history for 31 years, with more than 4.3 million spectators in cinemas, and others such as LA TONTA DEL BOTE (1971), PRÉSTAMELA 15 DÍAS (1971), CUANDO EL CUERNO SUENA (1975).

In the 1970s, José Frade PC gave a new approach to the comedy of manners in Spanish cinema.

At the same time, José Frade explores other film genres alongside established filmmakers such as Juan de Orduña and emerging talents of the time such as Eloy de la Iglesia.

His figure is a reference and that led him to work with some of the great stars of national cinema of that time such as Pepa Flores, Concha Velasco, Paco Rabal or José Luis López Vázquez.

With the arrival of the transition, his interest turned towards a more historical and social cinema, with TORMENTO (Pedro Olea, 1974) being the film that marks this new beginning. Awarded at the San Sebastian International Film Festival, its actors include three very prominent names in Spanish cinema: Paco Rabal, Concha Velasco and Ana Belén. It was followed by other titles such as LA TRASTIENDA (Jorge Grau, 1975), LAS LARGA VACACIONES DEL 36 (Jaime Camino, 1976) or LA GUERRA DE PAPÁ (Antonio Mercero, 1977) that represent the opening of Spanish society during the Transition.

In 1977 he was elected President of the Independent Association of Spanish Film Producers, the first to be democratically elected outside the dictatorship’s vertical union.

The decade of the 80s, once again marked another commercial milestone with Mariano Ozores with whom he worked on titles such as EL LIGUERO MÁGICO (1980), CRISTOBAL COLON DE OFICIO DESCUBRIDOR (1982), JUANA LA LOCA DE VEZ EN CUANDO (1983), SANGRE Y ARENA (1989) starring Sharon Stone.

During the 90s it produced TV series for ANTENA 3 TV for the network’s prime time, such as CANGUROS (1994), HERMANOS DE LECHE (1994) and with TVE also in prime time it collaborated again with the series ACADEMIA DE BAILE GLORIA (2001) and ¿SE PUEDE? (2004).

Our latest television series productions for RTVE have been LA SONATA DEL SILENCIO (2017), MIM award 2017 for the best European miniseries and HOSPITAL VALLE NORTE (2019).

In 1996 he launched Canal 7 Televisión with coverage within the Community of Madrid, making the TV channel, between 2002 and 2005 the audience leader for twenty-five months, being the most watched local channel in Spain, where it produces programs such as EL PRECIO JUSTO, CORAZON DEL MILENIO, SALTO A LA FAMA.

Hermanos de leche

In the 80s and 90s, José Frade’s productions included film projects, television series and the start-up of Channel 7 TV.

Finally, we would like to highlight as a distributor our line of acquisitions of feature films for exploitation in Spain of both Spanish and international cinema with titles such as, EL CID (1961) Anthony Mann, REY DE REYES (1961) Nicholas Ray, THE FABULOUS WORLD OF THE CIRCUS (1964) Henry Hathaway, LA MUERTE TENIA UN PRECIO (1965) Sergio Leone, EL HALCÓN Y LA PRESA (1967), LA RESIDENCIA (1970) Narciso Ibáñez Serrador Sergio Solima, ASESINATO JUSTO (2008) Jon Avnet, BROTHERS (2009) Jim Sheridan starring national and international stars such as Clint Eastwood, Charlton Heston, Sofia Loren, Rita Hayworth, Stephen Boyd, Tobey Maguire, Natalie Portman.

All this means that we have a catalogue of more than 500 titles available for national and international exploitation.

José Frade was awarded the Gold Medal of EGEDA (Entity for the Management of Audiovisual Producers’ Rights) in its XXIV edition in 2019.

The award recognizes his work in the film industry where he has more than 50 years of work with a total of 118 feature films produced and television series produced by his company, Jose Frade PC, which mark a large part of the history of the contemporary history of cinema in Spain.

Among the names of Spanish cinema that have received EGEDA’s recognition are figures such as Pedro Masó, Elías Querejeta, José Luis Borau, Fernando Trueba, Agustín Almodóvar and Santiago Segura.